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Local Hair Stylist Saves Christmas For Local Family

CENTERTON, AR. -- On December 15th, one family lost everything in a fire. Thanks to the helping hand of total strangers, this family will still have a Christmas.
CENTERTON, AR. -- On December 15th, Vicki Morrow and her family lost everything they had when her home went up in flames.

In just a week, Morrow's hope was restored. Donations from complete strangers started rolling in, all thanks to a simple Facebook post from Robin Bennett.

She saw the fire and wanted to do something to help. Bennett owns Bella Mia Salon in Rogers where she says people keep coming in, hoping to give.

"I put up a brief story on Facebook and tons of people got a hold of us and called. We had seven vehicles packed top to bottom. A Christmas tree on top of one car. I never had to ask for help, people just volunteered," said Bennett. "Within the hour, the whole place was furnished. The Christmas tree was just packed."

Marrow said the gifts keep on coming. Everything from food, to gift cards.

"Everybody just came together. Furniture, food, clothes, beds. I don't really know how to explain it. It was like a Christmas kind of deal, it was a good thing because we had lost everything in there," said Marrow.

Bennett said this season, giving is what it's all about.

"That's what fills my heart with joy. I love helping people. I think that's what it's all about, especially at Christmas," she said.

Marrow and her family are grateful for others stepping in when they had nothing.

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