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Meet The New Dynamic Duo For Hogs Football

Razorback fans took a glimpse into the future yesterday... by reliving its past.
  Razorback fans took a glimpse into the future yesterday... by reliving its past.
  Darren Mcfadden and Felix Jones was by far the best one-two running back combo in this program's history.
  But after Saturday.... J-Will and A.C. could the next dynamic duo.

  How impressive was the performance of Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins on saturday?
  So impressive, that even the hogs defense was in awe.
"Alex and J-Wll, they did a great job.  They hit those holes.  I said it at the beginning it was like 10 yards a pop...So i said it was all day."
  And it felt like an all-day barage of pounding the Louisiana-Lafayette defense into submission.
  51-carries by Arkansas, resulting in nearly 300 yards on the ground.
  And that of course, opened things up  passing game. 
"I love the balance, because they don't know what to expect..  we get so successful with the running, then they don't know when we're going to pass, so i like how our progression is."
  "It's awesome whenever you can pound the ball at will pretty much today.  That really sets up the pass for us.  That's just so much more easier when you have a solid ground game."
  "We just feed off of each other.   When he breaks big run, then I want to break a big run as well, so we just feed off of each other."
  But saturday wasn't just about the running backs or the balance on offense, it was about the guys in the trenches who made it all possible. 
  "The offensive line, it starts up there.  Pass protection, run blocking, so i give the offensive line alot of credit."
  "To be able to have not one, but two guys rush for 100 yards, it's going to help you in the weeks to come, because if one goes down, then you've got one to lean on.  And you know, kiero complements them so well."

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