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Missouri Christmas Tree Farm Draws NWA Customers

Ozark Valley Tree Farm is drawing customers all the way from Northwest Arkansas.
Southwest City, MO - Ozark Valley Tree Farm is drawing customers all the way from Northwest Arkansas.

Bob Coffey says visiting a tree farm is a family tradition.

"It's part of the experience," he says. "You get outdoors, and get a tree that you know is fresh. I just love the smell of a Christmas tree, it brings back memories of childhood, my grandmothers, and to have a fresh tree just puts that aroma in your house and just makes the season even better."

Coffey says finding the right tree is a challenge.

"I think everybody's different but we try to get a tree that fits our space," he says. "I tried to be wise and let the girls pick it out... It's my job to get it in the house and they decorate it."

But Coffey says just finding a farm is a feat itself.

"In the tree growing process, it kind of comes and goes," he says. "Christmas tree farms are usually good for a few years and then they have to wait for a new crop."

Coffey lives in Missouri, but the farms owner, Charity Keith, says about sixty percent of her customers come from Northwest Arkansas.

"Christmas tree farming is kind of a dying art," she says. "There are not many folks that are getting into the Christmas tree business, so there's a lot of people looking for a tree farm... a lot of them had been saying we've been looking for a tree farm for a long time and we finally stumbled across you."

Keith hopes to help families create new memories.

"A lot of people say they connect this to their childhood," she says. "They want to start those traditions with their families."

This is the farm's second year, but the trees have been growing since 2006. Keith says her scotch pines are up to six and a half feet tall, but she also has pre-cut trees as high as twelve feet shipped in from out of state.

For directions and hours of operation, visit this site.
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