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Mom Gives Birth in Walmart Parking Lot While Dad Shops

A woman gave birth to baby number four outside a Walmart in Melbourne, Florida while her husband was inside shopping.
MELBOURNE, FL -- An expecting father didn't expect it to happen when it did - or where it did.

The mother of his child gave birth outside a Walmart in Melbourne, Florida. The man had left the woman and her three daughters inside the car while he went inside the store.

When he came back outside, he found the kids yelling for him to hurry. In those few short minutes, the woman had already given birth to child number four.

"The little kids being there when the mom was having the baby. Oh, god!" said one witness, "I just can't imagine the experience for those children."

The mother and the baby are reportedly doing just fine.  According to News 13, Walmart said they will be giving them gift cards and other baby related items to congratulate them on their unique birth experience.
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