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Monday Busiest Shipping Day of the Year

If you haven't sent your holiday cards and gifts, you're not alone.
If you haven't sent your holiday cards and gifts, you're not alone.

The United States Postal Service is experiencing a 12 percent increase in packages, but the winter weather has slowed them down.

Monday is the busiest mailing day of the year as folks head to their local post offices, hoping to make that Christmas Eve deadline.

The winter weather has set the postal service back, so they're working around the clock to ensure a pre-Christmas delivery.

Monday alone, 607 million pieces of mail are being processed, about 70 million more than on the average day.

Though lines may be out the door this week, Postmaster for Fayetteville, Donny Tisdale said there's one thing to help keep the masses moving.

"The quickest ways to get in and out faster is to have your package pre-wrapped, taped up, addressed, that way you don't have to spend time trying to get taped up, trying to get that address label on it. You're going to want to send it Priority Mail to get it there before Christmas," Tisdale said.

Another hold up, folks trying to ship alcohol or send gifts in a box that used to contain alcohol, both of which cannot be shipped.

However, to avoid the lines altogether, self-service mailing centers are available too.

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