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Nexstar Opens the NASDAQ, Celebrates 10 Years of Trading

(KNWA/FOX24)-- It was a big day for our parent company, The Nexstar Broadcasting Group (NXST). Perry Sook the Chairman, President and C.E.O. rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ Marketsite on Times Square in New York City.
Razorback Nation's Aaron Peters was spotted on the animated NASDAQ board in Times Square.
Razorback Nation's Aaron Peters was spotted on the animated NASDAQ board in Times Square.
(KNWA/FOX24)-- Nexstar Broadcasting Group (NXST) Chairman, President and C.E.O Perry Sook rang the opening bell at Nasdaq Market site in New York Tuesday marking 10 years as a publicly traded company.

"Since we started the company in Wilkes-Barre-Scranton in 1996 with one TV station, it's amazing to think we have grown to a group of 102 stations around the country. Going public 10 years ago this week on NASDAQ, our equity value has grown by ten fold in those 10 years." Sook said.

Sook believes that success comes from a focus on the communities it serves and the employees who go above and beyond.

"I think when we think of a company that are successful and today's milestones and stepping stones," Sook continued. "It would not be possible without hard work of over 3000 employees and while Nexstar is the company name we are really a collection of local businesses serving local communities in 20 states around the United States."

And the market likes what it sees. Steven Brown is manager of NASDAQ's Market Intelligence Desk.

"They've done well," Brown said. "Their stock is up 245 percent over last 10 years it reached all time high this past Friday it is the epitome of NASDAQ growth company so successful growing moving higher that is exactly what we like here on NASDAQ."

The success of the Nexstar Broadcasting Group was shown in a very big way on the NASDAQ tower on Times Square, where an animated graphic displayed a the company logo and some familiar on-air faces.

As Nexstar moves forward there is every reason to believe the future for the Nexstar Broadcasting Group is a bright one.
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