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"No Refusal Weekend" Results Announced

BENTON COUNTY, AR-- The Benton County Sheriff's Office reported the results of its highly effective "No Refusal Program."
BENTON COUNTY, AR-- To combat the deadly problem of impaired driving, the Benton County Sheriff's Office was out in full force over Labor Day Weekend cracking down on intoxicated drivers and today reported the results of its highly effective "No Refusal Program."
Several drivers were arrested in the crackdown and now face criminal charges of driving while intoxicated. Four "blood draw warrants" were issued for subjects who refused to voluntarily
submit to a breath test. Two of the four blood search warrants were on subjects with a history of driving while intoxicated and refusing to submit to chemical testing. One of the subjects had
led State Police and other agencies on a high speed chase which ended when the intoxicated subject wrecked his vehicle in a field and fled on foot.
With the approval of a judge, anyone suspected of impaired driving who unlawfully refuses to provide a breath sample is subject to mandatory or court-ordered blood testing. The program helps ensure that prosecutors obtain the scientific evidence needed to effectively pursue cases involving alleged impaired driving.
This latest enforcement effort is one of a series of "No Refusal Weekends." They are called that because all suspected impaired drivers caught during the weekend who refuse breath testing
are subject to blood testing for alcohol. Sergeant Lynn Hahn says The Benton County Sheriff's Office plans to continue with No Refusal Weekends during major holidays in the future. Sergeant Hahn also said the blood search warrants are not limited to No Refusal Weekends. The Benton County Sheriff's Office often utilizes blood search warrants on a case by case basis to
deal with intoxicated drivers who refuse to submit to breath or blood tests.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one person is killed every 51 minutes by an intoxicated driver.

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