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No Shave November has Folks Tossing out the Razors

Take a look and the history and rules of this month's hairiest event.
(KNWA)-- Things will be getting hairy for folks all around the country this month.

The monthlong event, promoted by the “Movember” Foundation since 2004, is actually an effort to raise awareness about prostate cancer, as well as other cancers associated with men. Men who participagte are encouraged to go get checked out for potential early detection.
In 2012, the Global Journal listed “Movember” as one of the top 100 non-government organizations in the world.

And the rules for this furry festivity are hard and fast.  Here's a look, as laid out by the International Business Times:

Rule #1: Get rid of everything

On Nov. 1, all razors are to be disposed of or put away for an entire month. At first it's liberating -- after all, who wants to waste time shaving? But then the difficulty of the challenge starts to become apparent.

Rule #2: Withstand the uncomfortable feeling

The first week in, the itchiness commences. Your face will probably be on fire from scratching, but you have to power through for the cause.

Rule #3: Get used to looking cool

By the end of the first week, your 5 o’clock shadow may look more like 10 o’clock, but don’t worry, just tell everyone you’re going for the Clooney look.

Rule #4: Don’t take criticism

Around Thanksgiving, your beard will be in full, braidable swing and your family simply won’t understand. As you’re sitting at the dinner table, your grandmother will probably give you the why-aren’t-you-shaving look, but try to ignore it. Tell her that this is for the greater good, something the folks should appreciate.

Rule #5: Take pictures

Toward the end of your bearded journey, it’s time to start taking pictures and showing off your colossal coolness. This can also be considered a contest between you and all the other men to see whose beard came in best.

Rule #6: Have some fun

This is the stage where you’re just about to shave, so you can certainly take a few days to have some fun with how far you’ve come. Take some clippers to that manly beard and give yourself a cool "salon-finished" look, maybe even a goatee.

Rule #7: Shave

On Dec. 1, and not a second earlier, you finally get to shave.

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