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Northwest Arkansas Man Waits As Family Survives Typhoon

BELLA VISTA, AR. -- Randy Kunce waited on Friday to hear from his wife and the rest of his family who is living in Tacloban. Kunce watched as the hours passed and he had yet to hear from his family.
BELLA VISTA, AR. -- On Friday, Randy Kunce waited patiently to hear from his wife, Sarah.

Sarah, along with her daughter and mother, are in the middle of Typhoon Haiyan.

"It just scares you to death when you don't know what's happening and what's happened to them, you don't know," said Randy Kunce. "Instantly, you're scared, you're nervous. When you hear people say it's the not knowing? Boy, that's the truth," he said.

"It was 300 miles wide and it just swallowed up the Philippines and it was a dead hit on her hometown of Tacloban," said Kunce.

Over the weekend, some good news.

"We got the message Saturday night through Facebook that they were safe," said Kunce."We were elated at that point."

On Monday, Sarah reached out again.

"Today was the first real day that I had gotten communication from her and it was just two quick text messages. The first one was just to tell me that she was fine and she apologized for making us worry," he said. "You're elated, but you know they're not out of the woods yet."

That's because there could be more weather on the way.

"We see the destruction from Japan with their earthquakes in China and of course, we are human. We feel terrible for them, but when you suddenly are a part of it and you have people there, it just becomes reality," said Kunce.

For now, Randy watched the days go by and hopes to hear from his family soon.

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