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"Operation: Battle Scars" Supporting Those Impacted By Cancer

"All of us are affected by cancer in some way," Tina VanDerhoof said.

"All of us are affected by cancer in some way," Tina VanDerhoof said. 

In the 15 years of providing salon services in Fayetteville, Tina and Mark Vanderhoof have seen the impact of the disease.

"Since so many of our clients, friends, just people that we come in contact with everyday fight a fight with cancer and it affects so many people, we decided we would give back just a little bit," Mark Vanderhoof said.

They started "Operation: Battle Scars." Whether you're a fighter, survivor or caregiver, you can apply here to win a full day of pampering.

"We're going to be able to offer them every single service that we provide here at Salon Professionals Hair, nails, make up, facial, waxing, hair color, anything they want, we'll do it," Tina said.

One person will be chosen for the month of November, but it doesn't end there.

"Due to the number of responses that we've had, we very well may take this out over through the next year and continue on a monthly basis," Mark said.

"We really want to be able to rock somebody's world and make them feel good," Tina said.

The deadline to apply in November 1st.

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