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Petition Filed to Repeal Vote After City Increases Budget

TONTITOWN, AR-- A former Tontitown mayor is against the city council's vote to increase the city budget and add more workers. Now he's gathering signatures for a petition.
TONTITOWN, AR-- "We are a small town," says Joe Edgmon, the former mayor and longtime resident of Tontitown.

No matter how you slice it, Tontitown, Arkansas, population 2,500, just doesn't compare to other pieces of the region.

"(It's)...basically the size of a subdivision in Fayetteville or Springdale," Edgmon says. A recent ordinance passed by its city council has Edgmon concerned.

"They're wanting to expand our city government," Edgmon says.

"They're wanting to create more titles and then add salaries to those titles." Edgmon says the city's salary budget sits at $479,000. With the new ordinance it would be increased by $77,000.

"We just simply don't have enough work for them to do," Edgmon says.  In fact, Edgmon says a few of the city's full-timers should really be part-timers.

"Right now, if you call the city of Tontitown you get a voicemail," Edgmon says. "You don't even get a real person." He says a council member put together a breakdown of city positions and salaries, some of which Edgmon believes need to be a little more balanced.

"See right here, we got community development, and we're showing a salary of $50,000," Edgmon says pointing to the chart.

"We don't want to wind up like Detroit." Now the longtime citizen, along with a few others, are hitting the streets with petition in hand seeking signatures.

"We're trying to get it repealed." They need around 140 for the repeal option to make the May ballot.

"If we can get it on the ballot then they can vote if they're happy with this," Edgmon says. All Edgmon wants is for the taxpayers to decide.

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