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Pets & Holiday Safety

Pets & Holiday Safety
(NBC) -- There's a lot of interesting stuff around the house this time of year, but what's a treat to some of your holiday guests may be very dangerous to the animals who share your home. New smells in the house, new people, even new delicacies that smell delicious but can be quite dangerous to cats and dogs, and as you might imagine, the bill to see a vet around the holidays can get really expensive.

"They say that they see a two hundred eighty five percent spike in the number of calls and claims related to chocolate ingestion in that week around christmas and new years....the bill for your animal accidentally ingesting something can easily be more than a thousand dollars depending on what they eat, how fast you notice," said Kelli Grant with CNBC.

Its not just candy. From plants to table scraps to decorations on presents, even the water in a Christmas tree stand can be harmful if ingested. Professionals recommend that you avoid the internet for information if you have a concern, and consult with your vet or the ASPCA's 24/7 poison control center.

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