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Pictures from Home Fill Veteran's Heart

BENTONVILLE, AR-- Pictures sent overseas helped to hold the Mathis family together during an important time.
BENTONVILLE, AR-- Social media can connect you to the people you care about most and for the Mathis family, they grew closer through pictures shared via the World Wide Web.

Earlier this year, Jason Mathis was deployed to Afghanistan with the National Guard. That's when Kembra found out they were pregnant  with miracle baby, Tucker.

"Right before he left the states he got one opportunity to come home and I scheduled an ultrasound and that was the very first and last opportunity he would have to be physically involved."

Jason was thousands of miles from home but through pictures and videos, he was there every step of the way.

"When he was born, we "Skyped". We "Skyped" the birth. It was kind of a way to keep in touch and I think it kept our hearts in touch".

Jason anxiously awaited each message from Kembra.

"I don't think I ever turned my computer off the whole time I was there."    

Pictures say a thousand words, and for the Mathis family they told an entire story.

Kembra mentioned one picture in particular saying "there's one picture I will never forget and it's Jason holding up his arms in the shape of a heart."

Now that Jason is home from deployment, they look forward to spending the holidays together.

"I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to know that he's here every day and not have to worry. Nothing beats the real thing".

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