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Plane Crashes Near Tailgaters at Hogs-Gators Game

GAINESVILLE, FL -- A small aircraft crashed near tailgaters on the University of Florida campus Saturday just hours before kickoff of the Razorback game.
We saw the plane coming quite low... We knew he was in distress.
GAINESVILLE, FL -- A plane crashed on the University of Florida campus Saturday, just hours before kickoff of the Razorbacks-Gators game.

No one on the ground was injured.

It happened in a field full of tailgaters that's usually sectioned off for late arrivers.

Witnesses say they saw the plane steer toward the area, which hit only one empty vehicle.

"We saw the plane coming quite low," says Cindy Strube who saw it happen.

"We were obvioulsy a little bit concerned and thought that it might just lift right back up, but it just came back down and continued on it's path down. It was not a deep trajectory, but we knew he was in distress. Luckily he landed without too much damage, without anyone being severely hurt.

(From WUFT News)

(CNN) Sgt. Brad Barber of the University of Florida Police Department told CNN that the plane had been carrying a banner above the vicinity of the school’s football stadium.

According to Barber it crash-landed at 4:08pm eastern time into a truck parked adjacent to a field being used by tailgaters ahead of the Florida-Arkansas football game this evening.

No one was hit or injured on the ground, and the pilot and passenger - who emerged from the cockpit under their own power -- were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to CNN.

Alachua County Fire Chief Mike Cowart told CNN the plane attempted an emergency landing in Flavet Field after encountering mechanical difficulties.

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