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Plane Pipe Burst Leads to Emergency Landing in Little Rock

The cold is affecting travel, but not necesarily in the way you would think.
LITTLE ROCK -- Each and every day, American Airline planes take off and land in Little Rock, but on Tuesday a normal trip from Texas to Maryland had an unexpected layoff in Arkansas.

"All of the sudden there was a loud noise in the back of the plane. There was water into the cabin, there were passengers that were soaked," said Dan Pyryt a passenger on the plane. "An announcement was made saying we are making an emergency landing in Little Rock, that a water pipe had burst, it had been frozen."

Tuesday afternoon, the airline released a statement that read in part, "Flight 1106 from Dallas to Baltimore diverted to Little Rock this afternoon after a lavaroty pipe burst. The flight landed without further incident."

Despite a loud noise on a plane and rushing water in the air, Pyryt was pleased with how American handled it all. "It was a smooth landing it was great, the crew was wonderful, it was very well done."

A small reminder that old man winter can strike even when your tens of thousands of feet of the ground.
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