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Police Respond to Multiple Motorcycle Accidents Early Sat. Morning

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- Police say four different accidents involving motorcycles happened late Friday into Saturday.
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- A motorcycle catches fire after an accident in Fayetteville late Friday night.

It happened at the corner of North and Leverett.

According to police, the passenger, Carolyn Caldwell of Springdale, was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center with head-related injuries.

We're told she is in ICU; no word yet on the condition of the driver.

The investigation is still ongoing.

A few other accidents, involving motorcycles, also happened over the weekend in Fayetteville and surrounding areas, according to police.

One on north college resulted in minor injuries and only involved a single motorcycle.

Another happened in a parking lot near Thompson, and police say the driver tried to flee.

And a car versus motorcycle accident happening near Main street and College.
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