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Police: 'We're Working On Rebuilding The Public's Trust'

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- A Fayetteville police officer accused of rape was arrested last week and then fired from his job. However, there was almost a month between the rape accusations and the arrest.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- Fayetteville police officer Jamison Stiles was accused of raping a woman while on duty. The victim claimed Stiles almost arrested her for public intoxication, but instead took her to her apartment. The assault was reported on November 10th. The officer, however, was not put on administrative leave until December 4th. Sergeant Craig Stout said there were a number of things that added time to the investigation.

"The investigators had to interview the victim, found her story to be credible and then they start looking at everything from radio logs, traffic, even pulling GPS data. That can be a very intensive investigation," said Stout. "Once they were able to narrow it down to a particular officers, they interviewed that officer, found that there were some inconsistencies with his story, then he was placed on administrative leave after that."

The investigation revealed Stiles turned off his car's video recorder while the victim was in the car. The GPS tracking device inside Stile's police vehicle showed he was at the victim's apartment at the time of the accusation.

"The GPS data was able to help us confirm that he had been at this location. It also helped us establish that he had been back to the residence, a second time, after that and even a third time," said Stout.

Stout said most cases take a single investigator, but because of the seriousness of the complaint, two investigators were assigned to expedite the case. A case that Sergeant Stout hopes won't happen again.

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