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"Polina's Promise" Brings Hope to Russian Orphans

BELLA VISTA, AR -- After bringing home their daughter, one family is working to provide better care for orphans in Russia.
BELLA VISTA, AR -- After bringing home their daughter, one family is working to provide better care for orphans in Russia.

"I really learned what their heart was. I just felt like even when we brought her home, I left part of my heart there."

6-year-old Polina Joy was brought home to Bella Vista ten months ago, making the Skaggs family a family of four. We shared their story from the very beginning to the homecoming, but since American adoptions have been banned in Russia, several other special needs children are still sitting in orphanages.

"She is the last special needs orphan to leave Russia... There were so many kids that just really touched my heart and I saw the lack of education that the orphanage workers had."

Kendra Skaggs worked in special education for years and before leaving Russia, folks working at the orphanage asked her for help. They wanted to know if she could send back books and share ideas on how to work with the children. Now, the non-profit organization "Polina's Promise" is offering hope for Russian orphans especially those with special needs.

"What we'll do is go and give seminars so they'll have their therapists come and learn about more updated treatments that we use with our children than what they are using there... and then also with the parents who have their children, what they can do with them at home that's going to help them develop and then also spend some time with the children, hopefully take some donated equipment over there and help them meet some of the needs that aren't met there."

Skaggs wants the Russian community to see that all children have potential and that there is hope.

"It wasn't the end for us. Her adoption isn't just about her adoption, it's about something bigger that God has meant for our family.'

So with a leap of faith, Kendra's working to change the lives of children just like Polina.

"When she hears me saying Polina's Promise, she wants to know what that is. We've talked about what our promise was to her and that it was mommy and daddy will come for you. We're not going to leave you and so we're not going to leave the other orphans high and dry either. We're going to go help them."

From buying a t-shirt to sponsoring a piece of educational equipment, click here to find out how you can support "Polina's Promise."

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