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Razorbacks Offense Struggles In The Swamp

The Razorback offense unable to get anything going consistently on the ground or in the air against Florida, leading to only being able to score 10 points.

It's the third straight game the Razorbacks haven't scored in the 4th quarter. But the 4th quarter wasn't what lost it for the Hogs against Florida- It was the offense's lack of consistency.

"We had a lot of things not go our way, a lot of plays on offense I wish we could do over again." says Quarterback Brandon Allen.

"We were doing the same thing we were doing in the first half, we just couldn't get anything going." adds Running Back Alex Collins.

"Too many dropped balls, a pick 6. Playing a ranked opponent at home on their home turf you cant do those things and expect to win." continues head coach Bret Bielema.

Arkansas took their third drive of the game and turned it into a 7-0 lead. That was the highlight of the night for the offense; after that, things started to unravel.

"They were ranked high coming into this game, their a pretty good D, at the same time we dropped some balls, we didn't execute some things, you know I think it was a little bit of both." adds Senior Fullback Kiero Small.

The running game, that racked in 81 yards in the first quarter, only had 30 additional yards the rest of the game. -6 in the 4th quarter.

"It just wasn't there, you know, I guess they went into halftime and changed some things up. i just couldn't get it going again in the second half." says Collins.

With the run game neutralized, the passing game couldn't rise to the occasion. with 43 passing attempts only 17 were completions. After the game, Coach Bielema was pretty blunt about his receivers.

"Catching the ball. Just catch the ball. It sounds like the simplest thing. We got to execute it, we got to catch the ball, and finish the routes." adds Coach Bielema.

Not every throw to the receivers was perfect- but in games like the one against Florida, plays need to be made in order to move the chains, get down the field and put points on the board.

All of these factors weigh heavy on Quarterback Brandon Allen. Who found himself on his back more than any game this season.

"How would you assess your play tonight from start to finish? I missed a lot of throws, I definitely wish I could take back the pick 6, a lot of things that I could've done better. I'm not proud of my performance at all I don't think I did what it took to win this game." says Allen.

Along with Allen's pick six in the second quarter, fumbled twice after being sacked.

"You think, with your Quarterback, you're back there getting your tail knocked off, its going to change you." adds Bielema.

"Seeing him taking all those hits, but he's a tough kid. He kept pulling himself up. You know you like the see the toughness out of him, but you don't want to see him on his back so much." adds Small.

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