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Red Kettle Campaign Kicks Off

The Salvation Army, kicked off its Red Kettle Bell program Thursday in Rogers.
Northwest AR - The Salvation Army, kicked off its Red Kettle Bell program Thursday in Rogers.

Major N.J. Pope says the kettles keep successful operations going in Northwest Arkansas.

"At Christmas time this year we have over 1,100 families that have already applied," he says. "We have more than 3,000 children, that are on our Angel Trees."

The money also goes to social service programs for people in need, and one of those bell-ringers knows just how helpful the Salvation Army can be.

Dolores Hayes left Northwest Arkansas to get away from a bad marriage. She found herself homeless in Kansas City.
"I wanted to just get away for a while and I ended up in Kansas City... for a little bit longer than I wanted to," she says. "Kansas City is a very rough town, and I just was not used to being in a large city like that."

Eventually, she returned to Northwest Arkansas with nothing, and the Salvation Army took her in.

"There's a lot of housing here but to come up with something that's affordable and then you have to come up with first and last months rent," she says. "We finally found a place in West Fork and we really like it there. "It's small and tiny, but it's nice."

She says the salvation army helped her get back on her feet, giving her clothing and household items.

"We come in occasionally and get food when we need it," she says.

Now, Hayes is returing the favor by ringing a bell, and says she's living proof the money will be put to good use.

"There's a big demand for that in this area," she says. "There's not a lot of help out there for people in need."

Businesses and individuals can sponsor a Kettle for a day. Volunteers can sign up by calling Garret Krier, Volunteer Coordinator, at 479-521-2151 or you can register online here.

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