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Redman & Associates Donates 589 Scooters To Salvation Army

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- A local toy company donated scooters to the Salvation Army's Angel Tree on Monday.
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- Local toy maker, Redman & Associates, is getting in the holiday spirit. The company donated some goodies to the Salvation Army on Monday.

 Redman & Associates delivered $15,000 worth of toys to the nonprofit.

According to folks with The Salvation Army, the company will donated 587 scooters.

The gifts will go towards helping the Angel Tree.  There were hundreds of angel tree tags not returned, so this is a way for everyone to have a good Christmas.

"Those that we have not received back,we can go back and start preparing so that all children that we had on our list can receive Christmas through the distribution," said Major N.J. Pope with the Salvation Army.

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