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Road Crews Restock Materials for More Winter Weather

Cities and counties spent Wednesday restocking materials while preparing for more Winter weather.
Northwest Arkansas - Cities and counties across Northwest Arkansas spent Wednesday restocking materials while preparing for more Winter weather.

Fayetteville road crews continued treating roads with another storm in the forecast.

"We're still on shifts," says Transportation Services Director Terry Gulley. "We've been on since Saturday night at 8, and we're just going to stay on through this."

Gulley says the city has already dropped about 400 tons of salt, and close to 2,200 tons of sand this season.

"That's quite a bit," he says. "That first storm, we went nine straight days around the clock, so you're putting out a lot of material."

Trucks delivered a fresh supply of salt to refill the depleted stock, but the city isn't breaking its budget, thanks to a couple mild Winters.

"We were completely stocked up with about 500 tons of salt from last year's money," Gulley says. "We were sitting there full going into the first snow event, and now we're just stocking up with the money we had budgeted for 2014, so we'll get back to capacity here in the next week or so."

Washington County uses limestone chips, and Right of Way Coordinator Jeff Crowder says this Winter is making it tough to keep the supply up.

"We've used probably right around 750, 800 tons of chips so in between the weather we've been trying to restock," Crowder says. "As soon as they come in we're reloading and going right back out."

The nonstop operation is hard on crews, but Crowder says you won't hear any complaints.

"We've got a good crew, so they keep up with it," he says. "Everybody knows we've got a job to do, and that's what we're here to do."
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