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Rogers Police Investigating Unsolved Teacher Rape

Police are asking for help to solve a cold case involving a teacher being raped at a Rogers elementary school nearly 17 years ago.
ROGERS, AR -- Detectives in Rogers are re-evaluating all unsolved rape cases.

One they are looking at first, they describe as unique because it happened at a school, involving a teacher, a decade and a half ago.

"I was a detective at the time," says Captain Hayes Minor of the Rogers police department.

" (I) got the call and so, I was on it from the very beginning."

It was a Sunday morning, November 9, 1997.

A teacher at Frank Tillery Elementary reports being raped, at the school, y an unknown gunman.

"Of course we flooded the area with police cars and detectives," Minor says.

More than 16 years later, instead of a suspect in handcuffs, all police have is a sketch and a sample.

"In 2003, we did a complete re-work of the case," Minor says.

"We got the very first 'John Doe' DNA warrant in the state of Arkansas for this case."

But, as of yet, there has not been a match found.

At the time of the incident, a local church was using the school's cafeteria for their service.

Police say nearly 300 people were in the building that day who normally wouldn't be there.

"Over the years, we've interviewed nearly everyone that we know was at that church service," Minor says.

Investigators have followed leads all over the country, and continue to be in contact with the victim, whom they spoke with as recently as last Friday.

"She's still very cooperative, very much wants to see this case brought to a resolution," Minor says.

So do police.

It's their motivation behind this latest public plea.

"Somebody out there knows what happened somebody saw something," Minor says.

"This guy is still out there."

The Rogers school district released a statement Tuesday:

"Our hearts and support have always been with our staff member...When it happened more than 16 years ago, the incident raised our safety consciousness even further as a district and it has had a long-lasting impact on security and access to our buildings."

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Rogers police department at 479-636-4141.

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