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Russellville 'Gossip Girl' Arrested

RUSSELLVILLE, AR-- A girl faces charges after bomb threats locked down Russellville Middle School early Monday morning.
RUSSELLVILLE, AR-- The Russellville Police Department recently announced the arrest of a juvenile female in the RMS "Gosip Girl" case.

The first female juvenile was arrested Wednesday morning and will be charged for communicating a false alarm. The juvenile is a student of the Russellville Junior High and not originally who the department was seeking. The arrest of the female juvenile was a secondary arrest to the initial suspect being sought by police and became involved with the chat later on.

The department made an arrest on Wednesday afternoon of a female juvenile who is a student of the Russellville Middle School and will be charged with communicating a terroristic threat. The female juvenile arrested Wednesday afternoon has been determined to be the initiator and author of the RMS "Gosip Girl" chat conversation on ask.fm.

River Valley Leader has more on this developing story.

School District officials say attendance was down by more than 550 students the day after Russellville Middle School was locked down due to bomb and gun threats posted online early Monday morning.

According  RiverValleyLeader.com, Russellville School District (RSD) Communications Coordinator Ashley Snellenberger says attendance was down to 233 on Tuesday, compared to 792 on Monday.

Police and RSD officials performed a security sweep around 6 a.m. Tuesday to ensure the buildings and lockers were secure, according to the district's Facebook page.

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