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Sam's Clubs Open to Military Personnel During Shutdown

BENTONVILLE, AR -- Sam's Club is allowing all military members to shop in its stores during the government shutdown.
BENTONVILLE, AR -- Sam's Club is allowing military members to shop in its stores during the government shutdown.

Commissaries on military bases are closing due the shutdown, and that means military families must shop at regular grocery stores. It may not sound like a big deal, but several military members are now on furlough and every penny counts even more so than before. Commissaries are tax free, and some furloughed military personnel are annoyed they now have to pay taxes to a government that is no longer giving them a paycheck.

Sam's Club released the following statement Thursday:

“On Wednesday morning, dozens of domestic commissaries located on military bases were closed as a result of the U.S. government shutdown. Military personnel, retirees and their families heavily depend on commissaries for low-price home and business essentials. Sam’s Club understands that helping communities meet their needs during uncertain times is the first step to restoring normalcy. In appreciation for the service that the military provides our members and communities, Sam’s Club locations near military bases will waive membership requirements for military personnel, retirees, spouses and their families so they may continue saving on everyday goods and groceries.”‬

If you're serving our country and you want to shop at the discount big box store, all you have to do is show up with your military ID. The promotion is good at Sam's Club stores near military bases nationwide.

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