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Saturday School Starts for Fayetteville

It was supposed to be a short 4 day week, but thanks to winter weather, it went from 4 to 6.

With the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, this week was supposed to be a short 4 day week. But thanks to winter weather, it went from 4 to 6.

This was not the typical Saturday for Fayetteville students.

It usually starts with sleeping in. But instead, kids are stepping out of the car and back to class.

"Here we are in school on a Saturday making it a 6 day week!" Alan Wilbourn, Fayetteville Public School Public Information Officer said.

Students at Root Elementary are treating Saturday like a second Friday, by boosting spirits with an assembly and gearing everyone up for one more day.

"The kids take their cue from the teachers and from the principals to set the tone that we're going to have a great day today," Wilbourn said.

Wilbourn knows it's important to schedule these make-up days during the regular school year.

"That allows us to recapture 4 instructional days before the testing windows begin in April and May. Particularly we are hearing from the high school students particularly those that are looking to college they want to be very well prepared for the advanced placement tests that begin the first week of May."

However, according to the Fayetteville Public Schools Facebook page, not everyone agrees with Saturday school.

"We understand of course today there are some students that work on Saturday that were not able to get off that they had made that commitment to their employer. We understand that, that's an excused absence."

But coming to class on a weekend, can be a lesson in itself.

"It's a trade off. We had that day that they were able to stay home and play in the snow a few weeks ago and of course they're learning that not everything is free that there is a cost and you have to come back and make that day up."

Even with several more make up days on the calendar, there is light at the end of the hallway.

"Before you know it, it'll be spring break."

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