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School District Out of Snow Days, Votes to Shuffle Spring Calendar

SPRINGDALE, AR -- School administrators in Springdale are not ready to resort to school on Saturdays yet, but that could change.
"The last two years we haven't lost a day to weather," says Rick Schaeffer, communications director for Springdale schools.

But, this year, ice and snow has frozen school operations five times already.

"We build five days into our school calendar," Schaeffer says.

"So, to lose them all before you even get to the second semester is really, really tough."

It forced an added agenda item at Tuesday's board meeting.

Two spring-semester days that were meant to be teacher workdays were voted on and will now be normal school days.

"What that does is, it buys you two days back from the five that we lost," Schaeffer says.

"So, that would be Jan. 6, which is actually a Monday, and kids are due to come back until the 7th. Jan. 20, which is a Monday, and then we have another one in February but we haven't gone that far yet."

Two days, now in the district's back pocket, if needed.

"To have this kind of weather this early, we would be crazy to think that we would go the whole semester without losing anymore days to weather," Schaeffer says.

Unlike Fayetteville, Springdale isn't quite ready to resort to school on Saturdays.

Unless it becomes unavoidable.

"Yeah, if we lose more than those two days there is a Saturday is March that's designated, there's a Saturday in April that's designated," Schaeffer says.

" We have never had to do this but two days of Spring Break are designated as possible days."

If mother nature shows up early and often this winter, students could find themselves in classrooms well into the summer.

"The other thing you could do is just extend your school year, which a couple years ago we had to do," Schaeffer says.
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