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School Districts Map Out Schedules Post Snow Days

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS -- Thanks to mother nature, kids in NWA have had an extra long holiday break. Just this winter, students have been out seven days due to snow. So, what will NWA schools do to pick up the days lost?
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS --- Starting on Wednesday, Springdale Public Schools will be on par for the year, despite cancelling classes for winter weather.

The district alloted some snow days and it using in-service days to cover this week.

Rick Schaeffer with Springdale Schools said the district is considering how to proceed if we do see more winter weather.

"January 20th, which was going to be an in-service day will now be an in class day. So, January 20th counters today," said Schaeffer. "Saturday school is an option we hope not to use that. Spring break is an option we hope not to use that."

In Bentonville, the school district is shortening summer break. Students will stay in class into June.

"I think everybody does some kind of planning and each district is a little different. For us, this has served us well  by adding onto the end of the year," said Bentonville Superintendent Mike Poore.

Poore said he has another idea that could help out for the future in these kind of situations.

"We need to look at a more flexible approach that could help all the school districts. For me, that would mean looking at minutes of instruction rather than days," said Poore.  "It also would allow us to adjust our calendar to add on minutes add on 15-20 minutes in a day. It allows us to do that work prior to state testing and it would also eliminate the need to go into June."

If you want to know what your school is doing to adjust the schedule for the snow days, click here.

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