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'Show Me' State To Show AR How To Keep Roads Flurry Free

BENTON COUNTY, AR. --- The picture of the clear Missouri roads and the icy Arkansas roads on Highway 71 in Bella Vista has gone viral. To prevent another messy photo, The Arkansas Highway Transportation Department is reaching out to our neighbors in Missouri for a bit of help for treating roads.
BENTON COUNTY, AR. -- The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is now in the process of setting up meetings with Missouri in hopes to learn a thing or two about winter cleanup.

"That picture at the state line pretty much says it all. Somebody did one thing and another did something else and one had better results than the other," said AHTD spokesman Danny Straessle.

"Missouri did something and we're going to circle back with them at some point and say 'Hey, look. Same storm, but two different results, at one particular location,'" said Straessle.

Straessle said this isn't the first time AHTD and The Missouri Department of Transportation have met to discuss better solutions. Due to previous meetings, Arkansas is now using salt bring to treat roads.

"That is something that we visited with Missouri about. We visited with the state of Iowa, Departments of Transportation and gathered enough information to where we came back to Arkansas and started experimenting with our own mixtures to see what would work here," said Straessle.

Even with help from Missouri, Straessle wants to remind folks that Arkansas doesn't typically get as much snow and ice as the 'Show Me' state.

"It's an annual event,  but if you compare that to our friends to the North, in Missouri or even further north up into Iowa, those guys pretty much wrote the book on snow removal," said Straessle.

Arkansas plans to take a page from that book, in hopes to avoid that same situation at the Missouri border, from happening again.

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