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Signs Waved, Donations Sought for Homeless

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- One group battled the cold, wet weather to shine a light on the homeless.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- One group battled the cold, gloomy weather Saturday to shine a light on homelessness.

Signs were waving near North Leverett in Fayetteville as members of St. James Baptist Church gathered donations for the Northwest Arkansas Hope Center.

The NWA Hope Center is an organization committed to ending poverty in our area.

"Northwest Arkansas is one of the most prominent places in Arkansas," says Temeka Ramsey-Graham, outreach minister.

"I mean, there's so much wealth here, and yet we have a huge population of homeless people living right among us. Nobody deserves to be homeless."

This group has a goal of collecting $15,000 to give to the NWA Hope Center for its programs throughout the year.
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