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Siloam Springs Collaborates with Local Businesses, Remodels Ambulances

SILOAM SPRINGS, AR. -- Local businesses and the city of Siloam Springs came together for a trio of new ambulances.
SILOAM SPRINGS, AR. -- A new fleet of safety vehicles in Siloam Springs. One brand new, two others are completely remodeled.
It was a great deal, too. The city saved over $150,000

"Any time you can save money, that frees up money for other projects, " said Siloam Springs Fire Chief Greg Neely.

The source for some of the savings? Working with local companies to do the overhaul.

Tim Stone owns Lightning Bold Advertising. His company re-striped the ambulances.

"It means a lot to us that they used us," said Stone.

Neely said this is one way to put tax payers' money to good use, and put it back into the city he serves.

"We try to be good stewards of scarce public funds by being able to save that money and also couple that with being able to use local businesses does help the local economy," said Neely.

The money for the ambulances came from a reserve fund from when the city sold the City of Siloam Springs hospital.
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