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Special Session Ends With A Late Night Deal

LITTLE ROCK, AR. -- Good news for teachers around the state. Lawmakers helped avoid major increases to teachers insurance rates with a deal that went into the early morning hours.
LITTLE ROCK, AR. -- A three day special session at the Arkansas State Capitol is now in the history books. Lawmakers helped avoid a major increase to teacher's insurance rates and they got it done in record time.

The session in the House and the Senate adjourned shortly after midnight on Saturday. Both passed legislation that would address concerns over health insurance for school employees.

"Three or four pieces of legislation could get passed to put in place both a short term fix and the mechanism for a long term structural fix, so they can make sure we don't have this problem again," said Rep. Charlie Collins.

The short term solution will use $43 million in state surplus funds to heard off a scheduled 48% increases in 2014.
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