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Storm Spotter Class in Siloam Springs

Ever want to learn more about the weather that comes through our area? Thursday night is your chance.

Ever want to learn more about the weather that comes through our area?

A storm spotter training class happening Thursday night in Siloam Springs may be just what you're looking for.

After a tornado ripped through an area of Siloam Springs last spring, the need for more storm spotters on the ground became obvious.

"Storm spotters are definitely a value to our community to be able to provide that information back to us live and real time," Lt. Bryan Austin, with the Siloam Springs Police Department and Emergency Management said.

Even with high-tech radar systems, it takes more trained eyes on the skies to relay what's really happening.

"The bigger network we can have, the more coverage we can provide and that's something that I look for as we look at the radar systems that we have. I need people out in the field to be able to confirm what it is that I think I'm seeing on the radar," he said.

A storm spotter class in Siloam Springs will cover identifying severe weather systems, cloud formations and rotation and even hail cells.

Lt. Austin expects some taking the class are just looking to learn more about weather, while others are hoping to serve the community.

"They're going to want to be a part of this program, so that they can get educated on what it is that they can do to provide that information back to us."

Even after a severe storm has passed, Siloam Springs and other communities can then use the spotters to asses damages to get the area back up and running faster and more efficiently

"Let us know where the trees are down, the power lines are down, if there's any water or gas lines that are broken, anything of that nature so that we can then send our city resources where they need to go to," Lt. Austin said.

So whether you want to be a spotter by choice or by trade, this class can be your first step toward the front line.

The class takes place at the Siloam Springs High School Seminar Room, Thursday, Jan. 23rd at 7pm.

No sign up is needed and all ages are invited to attend. The class is expected to last about an hour and a half.

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