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Teens Use Book Series to Tackle Survival Skills

A 'Hunger Games' workshop helped one group of teens learn a few basics about survival strategies.
A popular book series meets survival skills for a few teens in Bentonville.

The 'Hunger Games' survival training workshop had this group tackling an obstacle course, learning about native plants and experimenting with a bow and arrow.

It was put together by the Bentonville Public Library.

Organizers say it's a way to get the kids excited about reading again while teaching them some skills they might have to use one day.

"This is kind of like role playing, or something that's more interactive for them," says Saray Gowdy, librarian.

"They love the Hunger Games and now they want to do more, with the movie coming out, it's perfect timing."

Organizers add they hope it encourages teens to try other book recommendations and check out a book series that might be new to them.
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