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The Pulse: Government Shutdown Looms

The top five stories of the day for September 30th.
The top five stories of the day for September 30th.

Rumors are swirling that Miley Cyrus is pregnant with rapper Juicy J's baby. Miley reportedly took the stage at the BET hip hop awards and announced her pregnancy. The crowd at the awards say they think she was joking, and Miley took to twitter today speaking out against the news.

The National Aquarium in Washington D.C. is closing its doors at the end of the day today. The aquarium has to move out of its current location in the Department of Commerce so the building can be renovated. The aquarium's more than 2,500 animals will be moved to new homes at the Baltimore National Aquarium or locations.

Two trains collided on the same track in Chicago this morning. Officials say the westbound train had been parked in a service yard, but somehow moved onto the rail line and smashed into the oncoming eastbound train. News outlets report at least 48 people were hurt in the wreck.

Some workers affected by the Washington Navy Yard shooting will still get paid if there is a government shutdown. The Navy announced today that civilian workers who were in navy yard building 197 will not be furloughed. Aaron Alexis, a navy contractor, opened fire in that building on september 16th. He killed 12 people and wounded four others before he was shot dead.

Parts of federal government will shut down Tuesday if Congress doesn't pass a funding bill. Just a few minutes ago house republicans again attempted to derail Obamacare by amending a spending plan that would avert a government shutdown. The senate has rejected the changes and sent it back to the house for the second time today. They have until midnight to make a decision -- or the government shuts down.

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