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The Pulse: Is the Affordable Care Act even affordable?

The Jo Bro's throwing in the towel, and the Afforable Care Act...not so affordable? Here is Tuesday's edition of "The Pulse".
The Jo Bro's throwing in the towel, and the Affordable Care Act...not so affordable? Here is Tuesday's edition of "The Pulse".

The Jonas Brothers are calling it quits. The trio canceled their tour three weeks ago, citing a deep rift within the band. Kevin Jonas told People Magazine Tuesday that it's over for now. They said the decision was unanimous, but not easy. The popular boy band formed in 2005.

Senators heard Tuesday from Trayvon Martin's mother. Sybrina Fulton testified before a senate committee examining Stand Your Ground laws. She says the laws send the wrong message and endanger kids in their own neighborhoods. Her son was shot and killed in a confrontation with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman last year. The case drew attention to the law, though it wasn't used in the defense.

It's been a year since Superstorm Sandy swept through the Northeast. It's a somber anniversary, and some residents still face problems. Some of them still live in hotels, and others have yet to move back into their own damaged homes. Those whose homes survived may still face skyrocketing insurance premiums. The storm killed 181 people.

NSA spying, what did the president know?...and when? President Obama did not confirm that the NSA was spying on U.S. allies, but he defended U.S. intelligence measures even though he said that maybe they went too far. Senior administration officials say the president didn't know about spying on U.S. allies; but that's not enough, and foreign officials and legislators alike are pressing for more answers and limits.

The Affordable Care Act, it's not just the glitchy website, it's also the prices, which might not be that affordable! The monthly quote for one Florida man and his family, $1,171.99. The sticker shock is yet another issue in the rollout of the president's signature project.

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