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The Pulse: Kanye and Kimmel Make Peace

The Jo Bro's fight, and Kanye and Kimmel make up. Here is Thursday's edition of "The Pulse".
The Jo Bro's fight, and Kanye and Kimmel make up. Here is Thursday's edition of "The Pulse".

The Jonas brothers have canceled their planned concert tour because of "a deep rift within the band," according to a representative. Apparently there was a big disagreement over their music direction. No word on what the disagreement over their musical direction will mean for the planned album.

Kanye west and Jimmy Kimmel have apparently made peace. After a Twitter feud, Kanye appeared on Kimmel's show last night and they patched things up. But not before Kanye went on a long rant about the paparazzi and calling himself a genius.

Former Detroit mayor Kamwe Kilpatrick was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in federal prison. He was convicted in March of two dozen federal charges, including racketeering, extortion and the filing of false tax returns. Kilpatrick was accused of using the mayor's office to enrich himself and associates.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter died Thursday at the age of 88. Carpenter was one of the Mercury Seven astronauts and was the backup pilot for John Glenn. In 1962, he became the fourth American in space and the second American to orbit the earth. NASA administrator Charlie Bolden says, "we have lost a true pioneer...We will miss him greatly."

Before heading to The White House for a meeting with President Obama, house Republicans proposed raising the nation's borrowing limit for six weeks. But the government will remain shut down while the two sides hash out differences over funding legislation. Senate Democrats are going forward with a bill to raise the debt ceiling until the end of 2014 with no strings attached.
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