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The Pulse: Massive Storm System Threatens 26 States

This is Sunday night's edition of -- The Pulse.
This is Sunday night's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- People marched through the streets in Greece to commemorate the 40th anniversary of a historic student protest. Thousands of police were on duty, keeping the peace as people remember the 1973 student uprising against a seven-year dictatorship in Greece.

Number four -- After the USC Trojans upset #4 Stanford, USC fans stormed the field to celebrate. It is reported that at least 3 USC fans were injured while running onto the field and had to be taken to a local hospital. There are no updates on the injured at this time.

Number three -- Two U.S. sailors are recovering after a drone malfunctioned and crashed into the USS Chancellorsville. Officials say the drone was being used to test the ship's radar tracking when something went wrong off the coast of Southern California. The ship suffered some damage and will return to San Diego for assessment. The sailors were treated for minor burns.

Number two -- Authorities are reviewing the actions taken during the November 1st fatal shooting of a TSA officer at Los Angeles International Airport. Federal and local authorities released a joint statement Saturday after the Associated Press reported that slain TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez lay bleeding for 33 minutes. The statement explains some of those reports are untrue. Investigators are asking for patience as they piece together all the details.

Number one -- A massive storm system is threatening one-third of the United States. More than 100 million people across 26 states are affected. According to the National Weather Service, at least one tornado touched down near Pekin, Illinois, killing at least three people. In suburban Chicago, a tornado was also confirmed. The Bears/Ravens game at Soldier Field was suspended. Officials there forced fans into "safe areas" within the stadium.

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