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The Pulse: Prank Call Creates Panic at LAX

This is Saturday's edition of -- The Pulse.
This is Saturday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- Thousands of would-be Jedi knights and Cosmic princes turned out across the United Kingdom. They were auditioning for roles in the new Star Wars movie and some of them really got into character. Something to keep in mind, "Star Wars: Episode Seven" is not even scheduled to hit theaters for about two years.

Number four -- A tour bus carrying Willie Nelson's band members crashed early this morning on a Texas interstate. Police say the bus spun out of control during a storm. Nelson's website says his music tour has been suspended for now, which means the concert scheduled at the Walton Arts Center for Tuesday, November 26, has been postponed.

Number three -- 60-year-old Kathy Amaya reunited with her long-lost son, 37-year-old David Amaya Barrick, in San Diego. Amaya said her estranged husband moved to Mexico with their two-year-old son against her wishes more than 30 years ago. Police could not help find him because the couple never settled on child custody. Kathy and David plan to spend this holiday season together.

Number two -- A proposal to allow airline passengers to use cellphones in-flight has travelers talking. Some international airlines already allow passengers to talk and text and now an FCC proposal could give American air carriers the ability to do the same. If given the option, several airlines have already said they would not be on board.

Number one -- Panic at Los Angeles International Airport overnight. According to officials, a driver had a medical emergency which caused her to lose control of her car, causing several small crashes. Police say passengers inside the airport mistook the sounds of the crash for gunfire and started running outside. Around the same time, a caller reported a gunman at Terminal Four. Officers evacuated the area and stormed in with guns drawn and no gunman was found. LAX has been on edge since a TSA agent was killed three weeks ago.

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