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The Pulse: Toronto Mayor Talk Show on YouTube?

This is Friday's edition of -- The Pulse.
This is Friday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- A Texas teenager feels like he hit the lottery after getting to buy a car for $1. A Houston car dealership sold five cars at that price during a Black Friday special. The teen does not have his drivers license yet, but is planning to get it this summer. His mom also got a care for $1. Lucky family.

Number four -- After being stripped of most of his power and still facing calls to step down, Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford and his brother will host an online talk show on YouTube. They previously hosted a show on Sun News Network, called "Ford Nation," that was canceled after the first episode. Ford has been at the center of intense media scrutiny after admitting to smoking crack cocaine.

Number three -- Experts now think Comet Ison, or at least part of it, survived its close encounter with the sun. The giant snowball of frozen gases, rock and dust swept about 730,000 miles over the sun's surface on Thanksgiving day. If Ison did survive, we may be able to see it as it passes the earth over the next several days.

Number two -- An explosion rocked an area in central Missouri after the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline ruptured. The pipeline is about 90 miles from Kansas City. No injuries were reported and only three homes were evacuated. Representatives for Panhandle Eastern Pipeline company say the blast was the result of a rupture at a compressor station.

Number one -- The President and First Lady are throwing their support behind a group of immigration activists fasting at the National Mall. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited the group this morning. The "Fast for Families" protesters have given up all food, only drinking water, in hopes of pressuring congress to pass new immigration reform laws. Some House republicans have taken issue with a Senate-approved measure that calls for an eventual pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the United States. House speaker John Boehner has hinted he will bring up immigration reform measures individually, rather than in a comprehensive bill.

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