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The Pulse: United States to Use Military Force in Syria

The top five stories for Tuesday, September 3rd.
Alligator hunters in Mississippi hauled in a record-breaking 727 pound gator!  Ironically this one broke a record set just an hour and a half earlier by a woman in Madison.  The man got help from his brother and a friend to haul the gator in.

Happy birthday lava lamp!  It's still groovy at 50 years old.  The decorative novelty was created by british inventor Edward Craven-Walker in 1963.  His inspiration? Breakfast.  He modeled it after a liquid-filled egg timer he saw in a pub.  Five decades later they are still popular!

Indiana Jones must have been at the wheel of this car.  The driver narrowly avoids a massive boulder in a landslide.  Triggered by heavy rains in Taiwan.  Miraculously no one was injured.

All eyes are on Samsung who will unveil their newest "smartphone watch" in the next few days.  It's just like your phone, but on your wrist.  Rumor has it the name will be "Samsung Galaxy gear".

President Obama and his national security team facing tough questions from a senate panel today.  Secretaries John Kerry and Chuck Hagel trying to convince wary senators that action must be taken against Syria.  Meanwhile Syria's ambassador denying that the government used chemical weapons against its people.

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