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The Pulse: Washington Remains Divided

A government shut down looms as Washington stays divided. Here is Friday's edition of "The Pulse".
A government shut down looms as Washington stays divided. Here is Friday's edition of "The Pulse".

"American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard set to become the heaviest contestant on season fifteen of "the biggest loser." He tips the scales at four-hundred-sixty-two pounds. The Grammy-nominated artist says once he's finished with his stint on "the biggest loser," he'll record his sixth album.

Former President George W. Bush says he's "doing fine" after having a stent placed in his heart last month. His comments came in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America". The 43rd president also weighed in on his new role as a grandfather, saying he couldn't wait to take his granddaughter around the ranch and answer he questions about the trees and the animals.

Shellie Zimmerman now says she wonders about her estranged husband George's innocence in Trayvon Martin's death. She stood by her husband during his trial and acquittal on second-degree murder charges. Now Shellie Zimmerman sounds much less supportive of her husband George, who she is now divorcing, but she does say that she does not believe George profiled Trayvon.

Kanye West, furious at Jimmy Kimmel, but the late-night host seems to be loving it. After airing a spoof of an interview west did recently with the BBC, in which kids re-enact the bit word for word, Kimmel was the target of an all-caps Twitter rant from the rapper. Kimmel has been on a roll lately, recently fooling pretty much the whole world with his twerking-fire-fail video. But the host swears he's not in on the joke this time.

As the clock ticks toward the deadline, law makers in Washington struggle to come up with a plan to prevent a government shut down. The problem, a deep divide among house Republicans. The key issue is over Obamacare. Tea party conservatives want it defunded. But the president says he won't yield on his landmark law. The senate already passed a spending plan that restores funding for Obamacare. That plan is now back with the house where tea party conservatives are vowing to reject it. Basically, it's a game of political hot potato, all as a government shut down hangs in the balance.
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