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Thousands Of Angel Tree Gifts Unreturned

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- Angel Tress Around Northwest Arkansas are still full of angel tags, but the gifts are no where to be found.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR. --- 2,000 angel tree tags and their gifts have yet to be returned. Some of that may be due to weather, but the Salvation Army and the children still count on those toys under the tree.

"They are real people, they are not cardboard. You see the cardboard when you see the tree. That represents an actual child," said Major N.J. Pope with The Salvation Army.

If the presents aren't returned, Pope said the Salvation Army must find a present for them.

"Everyone of those that doesn't get turned in, we have to find something for those individuals," said Pope.

For The Salvation Army, the date has been set and letters have been mailed out for families to pick up their holiday help.

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