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Top Trenders: Beyonce Controversy Over use of Challenger Explosion Audio

Here are your New Year's Eve Top Trenders!
Number 5
Starting early next year, about 5 million vending machines nationwide will be required to display calorie information. The new FDA regulations apply to more than 10,000 vending machine companies nationwide. The update won't be cheap. The estimated cost to the industry will be $25.8 million initially, and $24 million every year after that.

Number 4
Netflix is doing some spring cleaning a little early. Ore than 80 movies and a handful of TV shows will no longer be available for streaming through the site as of Wednesday. He company's DVD customers can still order the discs in the mail. He list includes favorites like "Titanic," "Braveheart," "Top Gun," and "Flashdance."

Number 3
Apple's CEO took a big hit in the wallet over the tech company's under performing stock prices. Tim cook docked himself $4 million in August as Apple's stock sank between 2012 and 2013. Apple's board decided this past year to align its CEO's pay with the company's performance.

Number 2
Beyonce is under fire for using audio from the Challenger disaster in her new song "X-O." All seven Challenger crew members died when the space shuttle exploded shortly after liftoff in 19-86. Former astronauts and their families called the decision to use the audio quote, "insensitive." In a statement, Beyonce says her "heart goes out to the families of those lost" in the disaster, and says the song's intention was to help those who have lost loved ones heal.

Number 1
Passengers on board the ship that has been trapped in Antarctic ice for a week are expected to be rescued by helicopter today. Three icebreakers have failed to reach the vessel. A helicopter on a Chinese icebreaker, The Snow Dragon, will be used to collect the 74 passengers on board. The Russian ship got stuck in unusually thick ice on Christmas.
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