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Top Trenders: Boston Red Sox win the World Series

Here are your Halloween day Top Trenders!
Number 5
The world is headed for a wine shortage according to a report from Morgan Stanley research. Poor production in Europe and cork-popping demand in China are draining barrels. Industry analysts say global wine production peaked in 2004 and has been steadily declining ever since. A new report shows there was an undersupply of some 300-thousand cases last year, which is the worst in nearly half a century.

Number 4
A little boy befriended Pope Francis over the weekend when he wandered on stage in front of thousands. The boy, wearing a yellow shirt, stood close to Pope Francis as speakers addressed the audience. At one point, the pope smiled and patted him on the cheek, and the boy remained on stage while he spoke. Video of the interaction between the two has gone viral.

Number 3
A North Dakota woman has decided to take childhood obesity into her own hands with a letter she plans to hand out to kids she believes are quote "moderately obese." The letter says, "my hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits."

Number 2
President Obama spoke to a crowd in Boston yesterday and made a few World Series jokes as he talked about the struggling healthcare.gov website. The Obamacare site was crippled yet again tuesday night. keeping users from submitting new applications or searching for insurance plans. Verizon, who owns the data center, conducted maintenance overnight to fix the problem.

Number 1
For the first time in 95 years the Red Sox won the world series in Fenway park. Boston beat the St. Louis cardinals 6-1 in game 6 Wednesday night. Red Sox fans fans were seen high fiving police officers and lights on Boston's prudential tower read "Go Sox." The Red Sox have now won three world series in a decade but they hadn't won at home since they beat the Chicago Cubs in 1918.

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