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Top Trenders: Chris Christie "Embarrassed and Humiliated" by Bridge Scandal

Christie said he knew nothing of the intention by some on his staff to create traffic jams in his community.
Number 5
George Clooney is giving one fan the opportunity of a lifetime. Anyone who donates $10 to the Satellite Sentinel Project, a group that helps deter war crimes, will be entered to win a chance spend the entire day with the Hollywood A-Lister, including serving as his date at the premiere of his new movie "The Monuments Men." Clooney is a backer of the Satellite Sentinel Project and has supported their efforts in Sudan and other parts of Africa.

Number 4
The International Space Station will be open for at least another ten years. The Obama Administration is vowing to keep the science lab in orbit until at least 2024. The extension is good news for private launch companies with contracts to supply cargo to the I.S.S. It's yet to be determined if international partners such as the European space agency, Russia, Japan and Canada will extend their involvement with the I.S.S. NASA will continue alone, if need be.

Number 3
New mortgage rules take effect today -- aimed at protecting borrowers from abusive lenders. The new federal policies are designed at reducing the risk of defaults and foreclosures. Lenders must now determine that a borrower has the income and assets to make payments throughout the life of the loan. This means they must take a close look at a potential home-buyer's paycheck, credit card debt, car payments and other expenses.

Number 2
President Barack Obama is unveiling his latest plan to boost the economy. Five regions across the country called "Promise Zones" will get some extra help from the government. Growing income inequality is proving to be a key issue for politicians heading into the November midterm election. That includes negotiations to extend unemployment benefits for more than a million out-of-work Americans.

Number 1
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he is "embarrassed and humiliated" by the unfolding political scandal over traffic delays near the George Washington bridge in September. Christie said he knew nothing of the intention by some on his staff to create traffic jams in his community. Thursday, he fired his deputy chief of staff, and forced his campaign manager to take his name out of the running to lead the New Jersey Republican party.

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