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Top Trenders: "Duck Dynasty" Star Suspended From Filming

Here are your Top Trenders for Thursday, December 19!
Number 5
Apple is set to drop its new Mac Pro Thursday. The newest incarnation of Apple's high-end desktop computer is a silver and black cylinder that stands less than 10 inches tall. The Mac Pro is intended for high-power users like graphic designers. The new model is three times faster than its three-year-old predecessor, but you will pay for all that power. The cost of the new Mac Pro starts at around $3,000.

Number 4
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is heading back to North Korea Thursday for what's called a "basketball diplomacy" trip. This is Rodman's third trip this year to the communist country. Reportedly, Rodman and a documentary crew will train a team of North Korean basketball players through December 23. A spokesman says Rodman has no definite plans to meet with Kim Jong Un, but because Rodman and the president are friends, they could very likely meet again.

Number 3
In what's seen as a snub to the Russian government, neither President Obama nor any other high level U.S. officials will be attending the winter Olympic games in Sochi, but the president is sending two openly gay athletes as part of the official U.S. delegation. Tennis great Billie Jean King will attend the opening ceremony, and hockey star Caitlin Cahow will be at the closing ceremony. In an apparent jab at Russia's controversial law that bans gay "propaganda."

Number 2
With their A & E show pulling fourteen-million viewers a week, it's no surprise GQ magazine wanted to profile the "Duck Dynasty" crew at home in Louisiana, but the bible-quoting patriarch of the Roberston family is raising eyebrows with his comments on homosexuality. In the article, Phil Robertson says homosexuality is a sin and puts it in the same category as bestiality. In response to the article, Robertson has been suspended from filming indefinitely by the network.

Number 1
Congress gave President Obama an early Christmas present: an agreement on a government spending plan. Wednesday, the senate approved the budget by a vote of 64 to 36. Last week the proposal soared through the house by a 332 to 94 vote. The compromise sets a path of government spending into 2015 and puts aside the threat of a shutdown. It calls for erasing some forced spending cuts and reducing the deficit by at least 20-billion dollars.

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