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Top Trenders: "Johnny Football" Causes Controversy

Here are your Top Trenders for the Labor Day holiday!
Number 5
Members of Congress were briefed on Capitol Hill yesterday about the Obama administration's case against the Syrian government.
The classified briefing was a chance for administration officials to offer up evidence that the Syrian regime was behind an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus.
The Syrian regime has denied using chemical weapons, instead pointing the finger at rebels.
President Obama has called on Congress to authorize military action against the Syrian government.

Number 4
Former South African President Nelson Mandela is out of the hospital and is expected to continue his recovery at his home in Johannesburg, according to the South African President's office.
Mandela had been in the hospital with a lung infection since June 8.
His condition is still critical and at times unstable, but doctors believe he will receive the same level of treatment at home that he received at the hospital.

Number 3
Friday was San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's last day on the job.
Filner resigned as part of an agreement after 18 women publicly accused him of inappropriate behavior.
Council President Todd Gloria is now the acting mayor, taking on limited executive duties until a new mayor is sworn in.
At least five candidates are now in the running for the job.

Number 2
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Harry Connick Jr. is joining the judges' table for the upcoming season of American Idol.
Connick will join Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban for the 13th season of the show.
Connick has appeared on the show several times as a performer and mentor.
Production on Idol is expected to begin tomorrow.

Number 1
Texas A&M's Johnny "Football" Manziel made his return to college football in the second half against rice this Saturday.
In the third quarter, just after scrambling for a first down, Manziel made a video go viral when he made a trash talking "autograph" gesture to a Rice defender.
Later, he was benched out of the game after being flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for taunting a Rice player.

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