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Top Trenders: Lost Nevada Family Found

Find out how the family of 6 survived below freezing temperatures after their jeep overturned in snow.
Number 5
President George Bush senior is now on Twitter. His first tweet from @george-hw-bush honored the late Nelson Mandela. The 41st president said he wished that he and his wife could have joined the U.S. delegation honoring the former South African president. A spokesman for Bush said the trip would have been too difficult for him to make.

Number 4
More than 200,000 people have signed up for a mission to Mars, but there's a catch. Those selected will get a one way ticket. The Mars One Foundation says it has found suppliers for an unmanned mission launching in 2018. They will select just four earthlings to colonize the red planet. If all goes well, they could land on Mars in 2025 in the first privately-funded planetary exploration mission.

Number 3
Lawmakers and their staff members had a deadline of midnight Monday to sign up for Obamacare, but house administrators have given them an additional week to enroll. A spokesperson says the deadline was extended because there were still a few technical problems on the site. While congress has a cutoff date to enroll, other Americans can sign up at any time. To get coverage starting January 1, you must sign up by December 23.

Number 2
Bipartisan house and senate negotiators have reached deal on a new budget plan to avoid another government shutdown. The two-year deal would set spending levels, reduce the deficit, and eliminate arbitrary forced spending cuts scheduled to hit early next year. The deal must still pass the house and senate. President Obama called the development a "good first step."

Number 1
A couple and four children who went missing in the Nevada mountains have been found safe. Jay Glanton and his girlfriend, Christina McIntee decided to play in the snow with their two kids and her niece and nephew on Sunday, but never returned home. Glanton lost control of his jeep and slid down an embankment. They heated rocks in a campfire and brought the rocks inside the jeep for warmth. All six are in stable condition and free of frostbite.

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