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Top Trenders: "Naughty Leopard" Kids Costume

A kid's Halloween costume raises eyebrows, and teens who trashed an NFL player's home turn themselves in.
Number 5
"Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco is engaged to her tennis player boyfriend, Ryan Sweeting.
According to Us Magazine, the pair have only been dating for three months and they made their first red carpet debut at Sunday's Emmy Awards.
No details just yet on the big day.

Number 4
The "Naughty Leopard" Halloween costume for toddlers spotted at walmart has some parents stunned.
The costume appears to be nothing more than a sparkly purple dress, but the word "naughty" pushed a lot of parent's buttons.
Oregon news station KATU reports a Walmart spokeswoman says stores are pulling the costumes from shelves and apologizing for offending customers.

Number 3
Six of the people who attended a destructive party at former NFL player Brian Holloway's home last month have turned themselves in to police.
They face numerous charges, including burglary and criminal mischief.
Police are still investigating and expect to make additional arrests.
Holloway was out of town during the house-trashing party.

Number 2
Fast food giant McDonald's is pledging to promote only water, milk and juice as the beverage that comes with a Happy Meal.
The company also plans to use Happy Meal packaging to "generate excitement" for fruits and veggies.
McDonald's says these changes will happen in 20 major markets around the world and will be fully implemented by 2020.

Number 1
With potential showdowns looming in Washington, and days before his health care law reaches a key milestone, President Barack Obama is ramping up efforts to raise awareness about the law's benefits.
G.O.P. leaders are asking the president to negotiate an agreement to increase how much the government can borrow to pay its bills, in exchange for concessions like delaying Obamacare.
Congress is under two deadlines: to fund the government before the end of the current fiscal year on Monday, and increase the debt ceiling by October 17.
"Some have threatened a government shutdown if they can't shut down this law. Others have actually threatened economic shutdown by refusing to pay America's bills if they can't delay the law. That's not going to happen as long as I'm president," Obama said.
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